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26 August

Figure Drawing Workshop

with  Tyler Berry
3-Day Workshop: August 26 - 28,  9:30am - 4:30pm

Over the three days, students will strengthen their drawing skills and anatomical knowledge through drawing the figure from life. The class will begin with a series of short poses leading to one long pose for the three day workshop. The instructor will guide the participants through the drawing process with demonstrations and individual critiques. 

The process begins with the block-in stage, which aims to capture the dynamic gesture through accurate proportion, shape design and structural anatomy. After the block-in, students will move into modeling form through an understanding of the light source. 

Comparative measurement, structural anatomy, materials, light and form will be discussed. Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to join. Model fee included.

Tyler has studied with Colleen Barry at Grand Central Academy.

Fee : 295. with membership
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11 Sept

Portrait Painting with Expressive Color

with  Richard Scott

September 11-14   9:30 - 4:30


     Learn to use color to express emotion, personality, and your unique sense of beauty. This four day workshop will offer techniques for beginners to advanced students. We will cover accurate drawing, proportion, composition, and of course, COLOR! Come to class with an artist in mind!  

     Emphasis will be on balancing accurate observation of light, form and anatomy - with color expression.

Fee : $395 with membership
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26 Sept

Perceptual Color and Color Temperature in Landscape Painting

with  Richard Coyne

September 26- 28, 2019   9:30 - 4:30


      Join S. Carolina landscape painter, Richard Coyne in this 3-day plein air workshop about understanding perceptual color, color temperature and how it determines pictorial volume on the picture plane. Whether one paints using local color, perspective and atmospherics or strives to create depth on the picture plane using color temperature and perceptual color, think Cezanne, if you paint as a photorealist, impressionist or abstract painter, understanding color temperature is the key to creating volume in the rectangle. 

     This workshop will stretch you, take you out of your comfort zone but understanding and applying what you learn over time will deepen and enrich your painting experience. One on one instruction throughout the day by the instructor. 

     You will receive some instructions to prepare and execute two exercises, the results of which you will bring with you the first day. This is to save time and maximize the time for painting in the workshop.  You will receive the instructions and materials list approximately two weeks before the workshop to allow you to schedule your time to complete the exercises.

Fee : $295. with membership
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2 October 2019

The 17th C. Dutch Breakfast Still Life Workshop

with  Justin Wood

October 2-5, 2019   9:30 - 4:30


This workshop is inspired by the Dutch Breakfast Still Life (Ontbijtjes). This type of still life painting developed in the 17th century and while the word “ontbijtjes” is Dutch for breakfast, it was more thought of as “a light meal taken at any time of day”.            

We will spend the first day setting up our compositions, drawing and transferring. The second day will be used to complete the grisailles. The remainder of time will be spent completing each part with color. Justin will work with everyone individually throughout the week.

Fee : $455. with membership
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Deposit / Cancellation Policy

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All requested refunds (within 2 weeks of the start of the class or workshop) from online payments will be returned via check. A 5% refund fee will be subtracted from the amount paid through online payments. 

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