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19 Oct

Color Mixing Crash Course

with  Steve Linberg

One-Day Workshop, October 19, 10am - 4pm


This intensive one-day workshop will introduce the scientific principles of color mixing in oil paint, so that you can confidently mix colors with accuracy and understand why mixing works the way it does. This workshop is a highly distilled version of the Classical Lab / Graydon Parrish Color Mixing Course, which is normally a 2-week class, but it presents the same core concepts and methods (just a lot less practice). The class starts with a lecture about basic color science and the problems faced by artists trying to control color, and a brief introduction to the Munsell color system, which provides the vocabulary and framework for the class, and then moves on to color mixing, starting with a short demo, and then hands-on mixing challenges for the remainder of the day. 

Students should bring their own paints - whatever they have and can comfortably carry, no specific colors or brands are required. They should bring a mixing surface (palette, disposable palettes, a sheet of window glass, or whatever they normally work on), palette knives for mixing, and clean-up materials. Latex gloves are recommended but not required. Students wishing to mix larger quantities for storage might want to bring empty aluminum paint tubes.

Students are welcome to also bring their hardest color questions and toughest target-color challenges, to be tackled with gusto.

Fee : $95. with membership
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8 Nov

The Unique Portrait Drawing

with  Kathryn Engberg

Nov. 8-10, 3-Day Workshop

9:30am - 4:30pm


    Workshop Full

In this portrait workshop, students will draw the portrait from a single pose. The sessions will consist of developing a linear drawing with graphite on paper to establish an accurate likeness, proportions, and structure. The students will then begin modeling the form in a highly rational method, slowly developing each area based on an understanding of the effect of light on form. Some topics that will be discussed in length are comparative measuring, shape finding, anatomy of the skull, light and form. Kathryn will demonstrate each stage of the process briefly as well as give each student individual critiques throughout each session.  Beginning to advanced artists are welcome. The model fee is included in the price of the workshop.


Fee : $345. with membership
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16 NOV

From Memory to Memoir: Writing and Preserving Your Life Story

with  Susan Omilian

A One-Day Workshop

10am - 3pm


Whatever your creative gift or passion, why not tell your story?  A book about your life can support your work, embellish your cause, explain your path and celebrate you. You can also turn memories of significant events in your life into a memoir for your children and grandchildren. Learn where to start, how to get organized and keep going until you’ve finished. Get tips on pictures to include and how to self-publish your story. No previous writing experience required.  Bring a notebook.

Fee : $75. with membership
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2 Jan 2020

Figure Drawing

with  Tyler Berry

Jan. 2-5, 2020; 4-Day Workshop

9:30am - 4:30pm



Over the four days, students will strengthen their drawing skills and anatomical knowledgethrough drawing the figure from life. The class will begin with a series of short poses leading to one long pose for the three day workshop. The instructor will guide the participants through the drawing process with demonstrations and individual critiques. The process begins with the block-in stage, which aims to capture the dynamic gesture through accurate proportion, shape design and structural anatomy. After the block-in, students will move into modeling form through an understanding of the light source. Comparative measurement, structural anatomy, materials, light and form will be discussed. Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to join. Model fee included.


Fee : $345. with membership
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21 Feb

Linear Perspective for the Artist

with  Jim Smola

Feb. 21, 22, 2020; 2-day workshop

10am - 4pm


This workshop will assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of the basic rules of linear perspective.

Beginning with the sightline to the horizon to discussing vanishing points and the receding object along that line, we will find out how it all relates to a composition that is logical to the eye. 

1 point, 2 point and 3 point perspective will be demonstrated step-by-step with exercises and opportunities to practice. Correctly drawn ellipses and cylinders in perspective will be discussed. Cast shadows in perspective will be explained and practiced.

The goal of this 2-day workshop is to give you a working knowledge of drawing accurate views of objects in order to develop a natural sense of perspective that you can apply to and improve your artwork going forward. 



Fee : $180. with membership
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30 March

Portrait Sketch in Oils

with  Kathryn Engberg

March 30 - April 1, 2020; 3-Day Workshop  9:30am - 4:30pm



In this 3 day workshop artists will work from a different model each day to create a fully rendered, life-like portrait sketch in oils. Each class will begin with a one hour demo and discussion. Lectures will include how to capture a likeness using tools such as comparative measure, tilts, shapes, and plumb lines; creating a sense of volume through a carefully organized value structure; and how to mix flesh tones using a limited color palette. Individual critiques will be catered to each artist to help them reach their personal goals. All skill levels welcome. Artists with limited painting experience are welcome and encouraged to draw. 

Fee : $345. with membership
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15 April

The Tonalist Landscape in Oils

with  Dennis Sheehan

April 15 - 18, 2020; 4-Day Workshop, 9:30am - 4:40pm


Details to come. 

Fee : $475. with membership
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3 June

Paint Beautiful Flowers

with  Diane Reeves

June 3 - 7, 2020; 5-Day Workshop, 9:30am - 4:30 pm


June 3-4 Color Mixing Made Simple

Color mixing can be exciting and fun, instead of scary and frustrating!!  For some folks, color mixing may be completely intuitive, but for most of us, we need a simple and practical method for finding accurate color. 

This 2-day workshop offers just such a method, with plenty of time to practice!  Award-winning artist and seasoned instructor, Diane Reeves, developed this fun and exciting, hands-on workshop to provide a specific means of consistently mixing beautiful, accurate color. 

Diane will first cover the foundational concepts about color, and participants are given the opportunity to engage in fun and very practical exercises that teach how to control value, intensity and temperature.  Next, she demonstrates how easy it is to apply four simple questions to confidently mix virtually any color.  Diane then guides participants as they practice over and over applying these questions, so they leave with a thorough understanding of the process as well as lots of experience in mixing accurate color.  This workshop is open to all levels. Paints only supplied.  

This 2-Day Color Mixing workshop can be taken separately for $150.

June 5-7  Paint Beautiful Flowers

During this workshop, Diane shows participants how to quickly recognize and capture the basic form of assorted flowers, how to maintain lovely color in both light and shadow, and how to choose specific brushwork to create lifelike flowers.  Diane demonstrates ways to keep values accurate, as well as how to achieve lovely edges and gorgeous translucency for petals and foliage.  Each morning focuses on specific lessons and a painting demonstration, including roses, hydrangeas, and gardens.  The afternoons include plenty of one-on-one assistance as students practice what they are learning by painting floral set ups.  

Diane’s engaging teaching style, clear explanations and valuable demos make learning both straightforward and enjoyable.  Diane’s goal is for every participant to leave with a new confidence for painting his or her own beautiful flowers!

Beginning as well as advanced painters are invited to attend this workshop, though some basic prior painting experience is helpful.

This 3-Day Paint Beautiful Flowers workshop can be taken separately for $395.

June 3-7 Both workshops (includes discount of $50) = $495. 

Fee : $495. with membership
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Deposit / Cancellation Policy

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All requested refunds (within 2 weeks of the start of the class or workshop) from online payments will be returned via check. A 5% refund fee will be subtracted from the amount paid through online payments. 

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